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Recognized for attention to rich detail with elegant understatement, Bob Webber's style is often described as documentary. He considers the majority of his subjects to be historically significant with regard to builder, time period, vessel construction and the boat's history of ownership. Intrinsically, all of this makes its way into the details of his finished work.

Bob is quick to point out he does not paint pretty boat pictures, nor does he consider himself to be a traditional marine artist -- a genre of painting more focused on artistic atmosphere and scenic elements or historical events. As a portraitist, Robert Webber's work more closely parallels that of the portrait artist. When a portrait photographer or painter creates a portrait, an accurate expression of the subject's unique characteristics is fundemental to the success of the work.

Webber is meticulous in researching of his classic subjects--culling through owner records and information from a variety of resources. An example is the recent Aphrodite Commemorative, for which he culled information from Mystic Seaport archives as well as from direct descendents of the Purdy family company, the builder of the boat in 1937. Bob feels this attention to particulars not only insures accuracy, it enhances the documentary and artistic value of each painting. As a consequence, each yacht portrait can take three or four months before some of his works are completed.

From Wall Street titans to oil and coffee barons, Bob's works are held in private, corporate and museum collections in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Webber's custom yachting art has evolved over three decades into the artistic documentation of classic and traditional watercraft. As a result, he recently began publishing "Great American Yacht Classic Editions" -- a limited edition series devoted to surviving American-built boats from the 1900's. The editions feature vintage boats owned by clients who are proud to share their enthusiam and accomplishments in the preservation of yachts from an earlier time.

Robert Webber's artist studio is located in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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