The "Great American Yacht Classics" Series

Distinctive, limited-edition, fine art prints commemorating magnificent yachts from "America's Golden Age."

USS Sequoia
- Builder and Owner History

Mathis Yacht Building Co. ~ 1926 ~ Camden, New Jersey

Specifications: Designer: John Trumpy - Launched: 1926 - LOA: 104’ - LWL: 98' 11" - Beam: 19' - Draft: 4' 3" - Model: Houseboat - Power: Twin, 4 cylinder 7.5 X 8.5 Winton Gas Engines - Fuel: 1500 gallons/gasoline - Speed: 14.6 MPH @ 850 RPMS - Hull: Long Leaf yellow pine over oak - Displacement: 89.64 long tons.

Builder History: The Mathis Yacht Building Co. was incorporated in Camden, NJ in 1910. The idea of John Trumpy, Vice President and totally independent from The John H. Mathis Shipbuilding Co., the operation was formed specifically to build luxury yachts. For the next 29 years the company prospered by delivering magnificent yachts to the wealthy, and during WWI, building U.S. military craft. In 1939, John Trumpy became president of the firm and in 1943 the company's name changed to John Trumpy & Sons Inc, and shortly thereafter operations moved to Gloucester City, NJ. In 1947 Trumpy purchased Annapolis Yacht Yard, Inc. subsequently relocating the operation to Eastport, MD. Gaining direct access to Chesapeake Bay became of enormous significance and for the next 27 years this legendary designer/builder continued launching grand yachts for the "Who's Who" of America. However, due to a lack of qualified wood workers and a variety of unfortunate circumstances, the company closed its doors in 1974. In 2009, the Trumpy name reemerged with the formation of Trumpy Yachts, LLC with their introduction of a series of wooden boats built utilizing modern, cold-molded/epoxy technologies. According to media sources, designs are from original John Trumpy & Sons plans and construction is in keeping with the elegance consistent with legendary Trumpy quality and integrity.

Vessel History: Sequoia II was launched in 1926 for Philadelphian, Richard M. Cadwalader Jr. and sold to William Dunning in 1928. Sequoia's government service began in 1931 following her purchase by The Department of Commerce. She was transferred to the US Navy in March, 1933 and officially commissioned the Presidential Yacht, but was decommissioned in November of the same year. Sequoia remained assigned to the Secretary of the Navy and was used for a variety of official assignments by eight US presidents until President Carter, as an austerity measure, had the boat sold at auction for $286,000. In subsequent years she changed hands several times. In 1980, Sequoia was purchased by The Presidential Yacht Trust and, in spite of being designated a National Historic Landmark, adequate maintenance funding was never achieved. Consequently, the vessel was seized and languished for 10 years at the Norfolk boat yard that restored her. In another effort to save the craft, the short-lived Sequoia Presidential Yacht Foundation was established in 1999. In 2000, a private company headed by a Washington, DC attorney established The Sequoia Presidential Yacht Group, purchasing the boat for $1.9 million. While no longer a Navy vessel, as of 2011 "America's Yacht" continues as an enduring symbol of our nation's highest political office. The USS Sequoia is located in the heart of the nations capital and available for charter to sitting presidents, official delegations and the general public.

  Archival Pigment Print Limited Edition: 100
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