The "Great American Yacht Classics" Series

Distinctive, limited-edition, fine art prints commemorating magnificent yachts from "America's Golden Age."

EL Presidente
- Builder and Owner History

Mathis Yacht Building Company ~ Camden, New Jersey ~ 1939

Specifications: Designer: John Trumpy – LOA: 91'/96' – LWL: 59'2” - Beam 18” - Draft: 5' Model: Houseboat – Fuel/Water: 1200/1000Gal – Power: (2) GM 81 71 D's - Hull: Mahogany over Oak.

Company History: In 1910 the Mathis Yacht Building Co. was incorporated in Camden, NJ. Officers were; William Robertson, President, John Trumpy, Vice President and John Mathis, Secretary-Treasurer. A spin-off from shipbuilder John H. Mathis Co. and the idea of John Trumpy, this new company was formed to build yachts and build yachts it did. For the next 29years the company prospered delivering magnificent yachts to the rich and by building military boats for America during WW I. In 1939 John Trumpy became president of the company and moved the operation to Gloucester City, NJ. In 1943 the company's name changed to John Trumpy & Son, Inc. The rest is American yacht building legend.

Vessel History: Built in 1939 and originally named “Innisfail”, this rare fantail designed yacht was sold to J. M. Cudahy of Chicago. In 1942 she was commissioned YP354 by the U. S. Navy. In 1947 the boat was decommissioned, sold and brought back to her former elegance. From the war years until 1965 however “EL Presidente” remained in government service througha lend-lease agreement serving mant foreign digitaries, heads of state and a number of U. S. Presidents – used second only to the (former0 Presidential Yact U.S.S. Sequoia. She has hosted presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Ford. As of 2006 she was privately owned and available for charter.

  Archival Pigment Print Limited Edition: 100
Size choices: Large* 20"x 30" I Medium 12"x 18"

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