The "Great American Yacht Classics" Series

Distinctive, limited-edition, fine art prints commemorating magnificent yachts from "America's Golden Age."

- Builder and Owner History

The Purdy Boat Company ~ Port Washington, New York ~ 1937

Original Specifications: Hull: #203 - Design: In House - Year: 1937 - LOA: 74' - LWL: 72' - Beam: 14' 6"- Draft: 3' 5" - Displ: 22.83T Framing: White Oak - Planking: Dbl Phil Mahogany - Power: Twin 12-cyl, 800hp Packard's

Builder History: During the early 1890's Ned and Gil Purdy started their careers at the Charles L. Seabury Co. boat yard in Nyack, NY. Following leadership roles at the Consolidated Shipbuilding Co. in Morris Heights, NY. The Purdy Boat Company, backed by entrepreneur Carl G. Fisher, was founded in 1914. Of all locations for a boat builder, the firm sat on the grounds of the Indianapolis Speedway also owned by Fisher. Their primary client, Fisher reighned in Gold Cup speedboat racing during the 20's and 30's. As the company grew over time, three sites also were to become home- Miami Beach, Trenton, MI then finally Port Washington, NY. In 1927 Fisher turned total operation over to the Purdy's. Known as merchants of speed and with many wealthy clients, Purdy also built fishing boats, racing sailboats, large luxury yachts and even gondolas. Approximately 322 vessels were produced during this legendary company's history. Their last build in 1954 was a Star Sailboat.

Vessel History: Built for John (Jock)Hay Whitney, this yacht became a familiar sight on Long Island Sound. “The Black Lady” swiftly carried Mr. Whitney to and from his Wall Street offices every day. The boat became USCG Vessel CGR557 during WW II and was returned in 1945. She continued as Whitney's personal yacht until deeded to Boy's Harbor in 1962. In 1965 she was owned briefly by John Kelly. The next 21 years remain unclear. John Pannel restored the boat in 1983 operating her for 17 years. In 2000 Charles M. Royce, a vintage boat devotee, found and purchased her near Stuart, Florida. After patching and re-launching, she returned to Long Island Sound. The Brooklin Boat Yard in Brooklin, Maine meticulously resurrected this legendary yact from 2003-2005. Since 2006, proudly flying burgees from the New York Yacht Club, Westerly and Riverside Yacht Clubs, “Aphrodite III” made Watch Hill, RI her home.

  Archival Pigment Print Limited Edition: 100
Size choices: Large* 20"x 30" I Medium 12"x 18"

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